Lessons - Rate

Individual Lessons

Private individual lessons are best for those who want tailor-made instruction to achieve personal goals. Private lesson programs are designed entirely on a student-centered platform. The learning experience we offer includes evaluation of equipment, how it fits the individual and how it may affect the swing motion.


Individual (45 minute) Lesson                 $75

4 (45 minute) Lesson Program                $280

7 (45 minute) Lesson Program                $450

On Course Ridge (60 minute) Lesson    $99

On Course Bay (90 minute) Lesson        $149


Junior Golfers (under 18) receive a 20% discount from above pricing


Semi – Private (2 to 4 people)


Individual (45 minute) Lesson         $95

3 (45 minute) Lesson Program        $280

5 (45 minute) Lesson Program        $400


GST not included in the above pricing



For the golfer wanting to take their game to the next level, the competitive player and the beginner who desires to become a player. This one-on-one program will be developed by you and your coach with consideration of your skill level and your goals.

Next Level Coaching Components

– Physical assessment
– Equipment assessment and recommendations
– Goal development
– Equipment adjustments
– Game assessment
– Short Game assessment
– Putter fitting and recommendations
– Practice Plan development
– Course management Techniques and Strategies
– Mental game development

(Eight 45-minute private lessons and two 90-minute on-course "playing lessons")

$770 plus gst



THE PROGRAM is your opportunity to really improve your ability to play the game.  The foundation of THE PROGRAM is two private lessons each month, with the professional of your choice.  Schedule these lessons to suit your timetable.  To augment your private lessons, join us for any six of either "Scheduled Opportunities" offered each month.  

Scheduled Opportunities - Join us!

Scheduled Opportunities (60 minutes each) will come in the form of either supervised practice sessions or workshops on the range, short game area, or on-couse.  These opportunities will fall on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  Either Brian Hann or Doug Mahovlic will facilitate these group sessions.  

Supervised Practice

A full 3/4 of our Scheduled Opportunities will focus on how to best utilize your practice time.  In addition, we'll provide tools to enhance your ability to self-evaluate.  Either Doug or Brian will be on hand to facilitate for the group.  


Within the Scheduled Opportunities calendar we will conduct bi-weekly workshops designed to explore various aspects of the game.  Workshops will be demonstration-based with interactive group discussion highly encouraged.  Brian or Doug will include handouts and prescribe applicable drills in a group setting.  

Get with the Program!

Choose your coach (for the private lessons component) and register at $229/month.  Make a commitment beyond one month to recognize savings from this base rate.  

Speak to Brian or Doug for further pricing.