Junior - Lessons

Ready to give golf a try? Or is golf already your number 1 sport? Either way, the junior programs at Cordova Bay are able to take care of juniors between 4 and 16 years old

Our program named after the birds of the bay (and the tee box names at the golf course) and give specially designed age brackets to allow students to learn with like minded peers.

Summer Camps Ages 7 - 13

July - August 4 day camps  8:30am to 12:30pm

$199 + tax

Cordova Bay is happy to offer an opportunity for juniors to experience a 4 day golf camp during their summer break. For the first half of each camp day, students are broken up into two different age brackets so they can have specialized lessons and games. At the end of each camp day (11am to 12:30pm) juniors get to take their new found skills onto the par 3 Ridge Course!


Each day camp covers and includes:

Full Swing                            On Course playing                           Rules of Golf

Pitching                                Rentals (if needed)                           Etiquette

Chipping                              Daily Snack                                         Putting



July 4 - 7 Ages 7 - 13 (Tuesday - Friday)

July 10 - 13 Ages 7 - 13 (Monday - Thursday)

July 17 - 20 Ages 7 - 13 (Monday - Thursday)

July 24 - 27 Ages 7 - 13 (Monday - Thursday)

July 31 - Aug 3 Ages 7 - 13 (Monday - Thursday)

Aug 14 - 17 Ages 8 - 12 (Monday - Thursday)

Aug 21 - 24 Ages 8 - 12 (Monday - Thursday

Aug 28 - 31 Ages 8 - 12 (Monday - Thursday)



Hummingbirds 4 - 6 years old
Bald Eagles 7 - 11 years old

A perfect introduction to golf in a fun and safe environment. The program focuses on athletic movement skills and gives students a great start in the sport. Because this program is a perfect blend of athletic movement and golf skills, everything students learn here are transferable to any other sport they play!

$95 per month
February through November
Maximum class size 6
Either Tuesdays or Thursdays (your choice)
Hummingbirds 4 - 5pm
Bald Eagles 4:20 - 5:20pm

We highly recommend US Kids Golf Clubs for students 12 and under. They are quite affordable and will give your junior the best chance to enjoy the game!


Hummingbirds 4 - 6 years old  - Tuesday

Hummingbirds 4 - 6 years old - Thursday (May class full - Contact Corey to be on the waitlist)

Bald Eagles 7 - 11 years old - Tuesday 

Bald Eagles 7 - 11 years old - Thursday (May class full - Contact Corey to be on the waitlist)

Students are welcome to sign up for both days of the week if there is space in the class.


Herons 12 - 16  years old

Have you decided that golf is your game and want to get a bit more serious about the game? This all inclusive program is designed to meet whatever goals you are looking to accomplish. Whether it be trying to shoot your personal best on course, make your school golf team, or prepare for a post secondary team, we have you covered.

Starting in the spring we run the program in a 2 month package (May, June) and in the fall (September, October). Those registering for this program should have some golf experience and own their own clubs. Set up a meeting with Corey if you are unsure.


Included each month

  • 4 hours instruction
  • 2 hours of on course instruction
  • 8 medium buckets
  • 8 short game passes
  • Initial Clubfitting
  • Flightscope analasys


$179 per month (2 month commitment)

Maximum class size 4

Wednesdays 4 - 5pm

Every Second Sunday 2 - 3pm



Herons Ages 12 - 16 Wednesday/Sunday



Ages 14 - 16 Claremont Golf Academy

Feb - June

5 days a week during the last block of the day

As part of the high school curriculum, students of this program get to spend every week day at Cordova Bay Golf Course. Learning from the PGA of Canada professionals on staff, students start from the fundamentals of golf and work their way towards being prepared to join a university golf team if they choose to.  Please contact Shon Ryan sryan@sd63.bc.ca for more details.