Legends of Cordova Bay Golf Course - Bill Mattick

If you have been to Bill Mattick’s Restaurant at Cordova Bay Golf Course in Victoria you have undoubtedly done a double take at the old man sitting up on the ledge. You aren't the only one, just ask Jim Goddard  about the time the police thought he was a burglar and drew their guns. Good Ol’ Bill has a special place in our hearts and his story is below.

By trade, Bill was a farmer.  He started off in the 1940’s growing vegetables and flowers on the property where the golf course now stands. Having only one hand didn't seem to slow him down much. At one point business was so good he was exporting tulips and daffodils by chartered jet to the east coast. Then, in the 50’s, Bill created Mattick's Farm by adding a market, tea garden and par 3 golf course/driving range (that’s right, it was ol’ Bill who knew this land was destined for golf greatness) to the existing daffodils and vegetables.

Bill's started every day at  9 o'clock. First up? A Black Russian, a freshly rolled cigarette and a stroll through his property.

A consummate showman, Bill was never far from the limelight... well, his kind of limelight anyway. Stories still abound about notorious poker games held on the property and the parties in the goat shed run a close second (we can only imagine what Julius the goat thought about it all). Talk to anyone who has been in Victoria for long enough and they will tell you all about Bill’s fresh made donuts, the talking myna bird and the miniature train that were the hallmarks of Mattick’s Farm.

Were he alive today, Bill would probably not feel quite right in the restaurant that bears his name: too fancy, too big, no horse skins. We do our best to make him feel comfortable, though. Each spring the restaurant is filled with tulips and daffodils from the property, you can always get a Black Russian and inevitably your meal will be interrupted by a wolf whistle from the resident myna bird.