The Ladies Club at Cordova Bay



Teaching Golf to Kids - A Whole New Game

One of the most startling statistics in golf today is that the game itself is stagnant - if not actually shrinking!  Despite the growing popularity of the PGA Tour and celebrities from Tiger Woods to Charles Barkley keeping golf in the fore-front (pun intended) of the public's eye, participation is down.  Getting more young people introduced to golf should be the number one priority for golf governing bodies, golf courses, and golf professionals alike. 


Willie's Rock - Legends of Cordova Bay

Off to the right of the third fairway lies a large unassuming boulder with the inscription "Willie's Rock". Many have wondered at this monument as they plan their next shot out of the rough and through the trees. Join Doug and Jim as they talk about the Victoria golf legend, 'Willie" and why his rock stands where it does.

No Spring Aeration

 Watch Dean Piller,  Cordova Bay's Grounds Superintendent talk about DIRT.


Legends of Cordova Bay Golf Course - Bill Mattick

If you have been to Bill Mattick’s Restaurant at Cordova Bay Golf Course in Victoria you have undoubtedly done a double take at the old man sitting up on the ledge. You aren't the only one, just ask Jim Goddard  about the time the police thought he was a burglar and drew their guns.


Membership at a public golf course? You bet!

Jim Goddard talks to Rainer Lucas and about the membership options at Cordova Bay.


Welcome to Cordova Bay - The Video!