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Birdies of the Bay

Birdies of the Bay - Colaptes auratus - Northern Flicker

BIRDIES OF THE BAY - Colaptes auratus
By Julianna Marinelli, Horticulturalist

Irrigation Upgrade Phase 2

Over the past few months there has been a lot of activity happening around the greens relating to our irrigation system.

By Phil Joergensen, 2nd Assistant Superintendent

Birds of the Bay, Hummingbird

BIRDS OF THE BAY, Hummingbird - Trochilidae 
By Julianna Marinelli, Horticulturalist

As you probably have noticed, the golf course is home to many different type of birds. One of the most interesting is the Hummingbird. They are small bodied creatures with shiny feathers. Their wings are able to beat at speeds of over 80 times per second. This incredible speed produces a humming noise, hence their name. 

Update from the Veggie Patch

Update From the Veggie Patch by Emily Richardson, Head Horticulturist

Update from the Veggie Patch...
by Emily Richardson, Head Horticulturist 

These days the vegetable patch is more brown than green. But spring is in the air and with it comes the promise of fresh vegetables. Artichokes, and rhubarb are beginning to sprout while two varieties of kale have been producing in the patch all winter.  

We're listening...

Annual Pass!

We're listening!

In a series of recent surveys we asked for your opinion on what we could do better. In this survey and comments made in years past there have been requests for an unlimited golf option.

Golf Extends your life expectancy!

We thought we should share this article with you.  It is an article out of a Spring 2009 Edition of Canadian Snowbirds Magazine.

Golf Extends your life expectancy

Scientists from Sweden claim that the death rate for golfers is 40% lower than other people from the same sex, age and socioeconomic status, which corresponds to a five-year increase in life expectancy.

The Veggie Patch


Bill Mattick's Vegetable garden is now producing daily!