Update from the Veggie Patch

Every month I have the same thoughts... How can it be April already? How can it be JULY already? How can time fly by so quickly? I can't believe we are into the month of August!  I always have to pinch myself and bring my head into the present moment, and present calendar month.  It somehow feels that this year has flown by particularly fast.

The highlight of our season, the 25th anniversary celebration, was an exciting goal to work towards.  With the event in our rear-view mirror, the gardening team is now looking toward a strong second half of the season.  Our annual beds are established and flowering and perennial areas are offering new displays all the time.  By far the most exciting part of August and late summer is the harvest.  The vegetable garden has been working hard producing vegetables all summer long but has now kicked into high gear. 

We have been enjoying staples like artichokes, kale, swiss chard, and lettuce for a while now.  Beets, carrots, cucumbers, beans and zucchini are now added to our weekly harvest.  In addition, hundreds of pounds of yellow and purple potatoes have been harvested from our secondary veggie patch near the maintenance building.  Out in the garden the corn is reaching high over the squash and pumpkin plants and the sunflowers and hollyhocks continue to draw in the bees.



Summer Squash


A second crop of peas and sweet peas are coming up in the center of the garden and any available space has been replanted with fall and winter crops.  Our large garlic crop is hanging to dry and cure before it is used by the kitchen.  Believe it or not, it is almost time to start thinking about replanting garlic for next year! But let's live in the present, which is still summer time last I checked, and think about fall preparations next month. 

Fava Beans

Sweet Peas




Emily Richardson