Thanks to Everyone Involved in the Canadian University/College Championships

The Championship last week was sport at its best, amateur athletes competing at their peak for honour and the chance to lift a trophy.  In the team competition the winners put on a master-class in competitive golf, demolishing their closest rivals by large margins.  In the individual standings our champions ground and ground and ground some more. Simply playing well wasn't enough - the Canadian Title had to be pried away from the other contenders.

Cordova Bay Golf Course
Bill Matick's Restaurant

The men's finish was dramatic. Garrett Rank trailed Max Gilbert by 3 shots with six holes to play. Rank birdied 13, 14, 16 and, critically, 17. This forced Gilbert to attempt to reach the par 5  hole #18 in two shots and make birdie at worst.  His second shot sailed OB and he would settle for double bogey and second place.

I could tell you how the women's event finished up but I have something far better up my sleeve.  Megan Woodland, one of the favourites coming into the tournament (and Cordova Bay staff member), graciously allowed us to film her before the tournament and after every round to talk about how she felt, what she was doing to prepare and what she expected from the day to come.  It's a remarkable story with a remarkable finish.   Here's a trailer for the two part documentary(ish) series that begins in next Thursday's Blog.

Here's a little video montage of our best photos of the week...

It was neat being surrounded by young players this week. These 'kids' are in  a demographic not often seen at the golf course en masse. They are also of an age often maligned and stereotyped.  I found them to be unfailingly polite, level headed and thoroughly enjoyable to be around. This went as much for the wide eyed youngsters, obviously in their first year and just out of high school, as it did for those who were just as obviously enjoying their last university hurrah before entering the 'real world'.

I can't help but think that the principles on which golf is founded, honesty, integrity and self-reliance, combined with the certain amount of structure and etiquette found at most courses, has played a part in the development of these young(ish) golfers.  There's just something about playing a sport that puts you out in the middle of nowhere in strange clothing with no referees, no teammates and nothing to stop you from cheating your lights out, all the while expecting you to behave correctly and honestly and with integrity (and you do).

There are many places and ways to get kids into the game of golf.  Cordova Bay is proud to be a part of several.  Some of the programs we do are partnerships with schools themselves like Cordova Bay Elementary School (under the National Golfing Schools banner, Claremont High School and St. Margaret's University School. 

Other programs offer individual kids a chance to belong to the course and use the facilities as juniors.  Our Junior Players Club membership offers them The Bay or The Ridge course depending on age and experience.

One of the most common ways to get a kid involved in golf is through a summer camp.  We're offering Future Links camps all through the summer.  Click Here for more information on these.