Thank You

Thank you! You made our anniversary such a special day.



A golfing paradise

Daphne and I are not golfers, but we are privileged to overlook a green paradise which must be the best-kept course on the island. The history is fascinating, and we never take for granted the tremendous teamwork that produced such a setting. The many stately trees alone mark this as a superb development. We also appreciate the excellent restaurant with first-class service. And a discount! My congratulations to all. -- Maurice.

Watching the events and

Watching the events and interviews regarding the 20th anniversary reminds me how much I enjoy Cordova Bay and always look forward to getting back for the winter months. Gloria and I started with spending five months in Victoria. Each year we seem to come earlier and stay later. This season coming we will be there for eight months. Your golf course and the people who are involved in the daily operations of the course are a big reason why. I can't wait to get back. See you all Oct 1st.
King Fenske