Rapid Man Makes His Apperance at Cordova Bay Golf Course

Faster than an Augusta Putt...

Quicker than Tiger's temper...

More speedy than John Daly's Friday exit...

Golf is a game in need of a super hero and Rapid Man takes on Slow Play wherever he finds it.

Also helping you get around in good time might be some new equipment.  The most popular (and best) brands are again bringing their launch monitors, demos and knowledgeable staff to Cordova Bay's driving range.

Callaway Fit Van is scheduled to appear on April 18th from 10am till 3pm
Titleist Demo Day is coming on April28th from 11am to 4pm



Rapid Man

Great video. Should be required viewing for all golfers. Have you thought about playing it periodically in the bar?

How about asking members when they check in if they know about ready golf and then give them a handout of what the main points of ready golf is.

Thanks for sharing.

Rapid Play

Fantastic! Just need to get the time for 18 holes down to 1:50min. like I do.