PRO-SPECTIVE: How to work on your game over the winter


Our beautiful summer golf season is coming to an end, now what?  Did you play as well as you had wanted to?  Are you wanting to make improvements over the winter or is it time to hang up the clubs until next year?  

If you are really, genuinely, looking to improve your game, now is one of the most important times of the year to create a plan and execute it.  The reason this time of year is so important is because there is usually less time to play in the crummy weather, and more time to practice! 

 As many of you know, making a swing change takes two things: Knowing exactly what to change, and the act of repeating that change. 

One of the hardest things to do for an amateur golfer is sift through the vast amounts of swing advice found on the Golf Channel, Golf Digest, YouTube, etc. and decide what actually applies to them.  Most people run into the problem of applying this advice to their swing when it does not actually pertain to their swing at all.  This means you could be spending months working on something that has no benefit to you or your swing... talk about a time waster!  

Here are the things you should look at to really improve your game for 2017:

  • Your swing.  Working with a PGA of Canada Coach can help you to recognize and work on exactly what you need to in your game.   
  • Your equipment.  Having clubs that fit you properly will drastically increase your ability to hit the ball how you want to. 
  • Your fitness and mobility.  Don't forget that your physical limitations might be what's stopping you from getting into that position that you're trying so hard to do.  TPI Certified Trainers can help you identify those limitations.
  • How you think on the course is much more important than many people think.  Having a positive and reaffirming attitude out on the course will allow you to shoot those scores you're dreaming of. A Sports Psychologist can help you with these aspects of your game. 

At Cordova Bay, we offer a long term 6 month program that covers every part of your game so that you can have the best golf season possible!

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Corey Lowe

PGA of Canada