Preparing Cordova Bay Golf Course for the Canadian University/College Championships

The Championships are almost here!  Over 150 of Canada's brightest young golfers are about to descend upon the 18 holes of Cordova Bay Golf Course. Hosting the Canadian University/College Championships is a big task andno one is asked more of during the week than the maintenance crew (except maybe the golfers themselves). 

Cordova Bay Golf Course
Bill Matick's Restaurant

Dean Piller, superintendent here at Cordova Bay, had been here since the day the doors opened and has overseen several GolfCanada championships as well as Canadian Tour stops and other prestigious events.  It's neat to here him talk about 'his' golf course and how he and his crew are preparing to give these young players a true test of golf.

If you'd like to find out more about the tournament itself, click here to go to the GolfCanada tournament website.