Irrigation Upgrade Phase 2

By Phil Joergensen, 2nd Assistant Superintendent

Over the past few months there has been a lot of activity happening around the greens relating to our irrigation system.  I am sure by now many of the winter golfers at Cordova Bay Golf Course will be able to recognize 'those guys in the holes' around the greens.  

As a precursor to a full upgrade of our course irrigation system, we continued the upgrade at the greens by installing all new sprinkler heads. 

With half of the sprinklers we added smaller magnets called "turf bolts" which are found directly under the sprinkler head.  These magnets will improve water infiltration which will help with better uniformity and consistency on the greens.
From the inception of our golf course technology in irrigation has changed.  With new more precise and efficient equipment we found ourselves needing to improve the locations of many of the sprinkler heads around the greens.  

After measuring, we found that some of the sprinkler heads did not need to be moved; however, some did.  The sprinkler heads that were moved, required new trenches, pipe and wiring.  This was the most time consuming and labour intensive part of the project so far.