The Founding Fathers of Cordova Bay - A Twentieth Anniversary Celebration

Cordova Bay Golf Course is unique. 

We are not unique because of the exacting standards to which our golf course is maintained.  Nor because of the spectacular scenery that confronts you everywhere.  We, as a golf course, do not stand alone because of the tremendous beauty of the environment in which we live - there are other golf courses in Victoria and on Vancouver Island.

Cordova Bay Golf Course is unique because of the people who care for her.  Those who care for her beauty and  her style.  Those who have nurtured her, and her people, through two decades of continual change.  Those who created a revolutionary philosophy 20 years ago and stayed on to see it through. 

This week's blog is the first in a series that talks to our 'Founding Fathers'.  They are our senior management that have been here since before the first putt was taken and will be here to nurture a maturing Cordova Bay through another 20 years.

Join me this week while I talk to Jim Goddard about how he came to be a part of Cordova Bay, his memories and what he expects from the next 20 years.


Best course, anywhere

Love everything about CB - the people, the golfing, the beautiful surroundings ... Thank you CB for being the best!

Love CB

I have to say that Cordova Bay is one of the few courses that I look forward to playing every year. It's great playing on a course with staff that have pride in the course and have spent their lives keeping it beautiful. I can't wait to put on my golf shoes, grab my clubs and hit the course this summer.

Jim's video

Wow... great course .... great family .... Great Golf Pro Jim and staff. I'll be here for 20 more years.... Anyone notice the deer at the start of the video ?? Ray Shergold

Jim's Video

Thank you Ray. You are a deer as well!

Jim - great video - but

Jim - great video - but remember, TWO hands on the rake when raking bunkers!!

Jim's Video

Did you notice the knee bend?


Jim, I love the course and the great maintenance. I and many of your older players would appreciate more benches - at the white tees of course.