Foot Wedge

Cordova Bay's fairways are fantastic.  Definitely the best in our area...and believe me in the top 3 that I have ever played from.  Consistent, smooth, firm ... the ball sits up and nearly begs to be struck with perfection. Our greens, thanks to our rolling program, are smooth and consistent.  The ball practically finds the hole by itself! 

Now let's talk about sand bunkers (as many of you are prone to do).

Here's what I think about bunkers.  First, the sand that is contained within is very expensive - some of our bunkers contain $5,000 worth of sand.  Second, it meets all of the USGA specifications for bunker sand... but I won't bore you with those numbers.  

I also know that bunkers are hazards, conditions in which are meant to be inconsistent.  Deer use them as highways and bedrooms, fellow golfers rake them half-heartedly, and much like the golfers that frequent them, some have steep slopes and others shallow bottoms. In the morning they are wetter and firmer than they are in the afternoon.  It's a wonder we ever get out of them!

Here's a bit of advice on how to improve your sand play.

First of all ... practice.

If that doesn't turn your crank, try using your feet.  No you can't kick it out of the bunker - throwing works much better.

Here's how you use your feet to hit a bunker shot.

Each and every time you are about to play from the sand you should test the texture and depth with your feet before you select your club.  If you feel firm and shallow, select a pitching wedge or 9 iron.  If it is soft and relatively deep, select your sand wedge.  For pace of play reasons always take two or three clubs with you into the bunker.  

Your technique does not have to change.  Open the blade slightly, aim 2-3" behind the ball and swing with gusto.

If that doesn't work, blame the @#$%$^)@#$! Sand.


Jim Goddard

Director of Golf