The First New Video Blog of 2012

Spring is only 128 days away....

For some golfers out there, it's all about spring.  The raining, blowing, snowing, frosting, freezing golf that our winter golfers thrive on holds no interest for them. 

This doesn't make them unfanatical, though.  Some spend the winter months pining for a warm day on which to swing.  As the weather outside is frightful they stay indoors, fondling their equipment and endlessly replaying their last round in the sun.

This week the Cordova Bay Golf Course Crew caught up with three of these die-hard but temperature challenged individuals. 

Please don't hold anything that might spill - 'cause you're gonna laugh with (at) them.


first new video blog

Well done.... best one yet.

Thank you.  It certainly made

Thank you. 
It certainly made us chuckle.  Jim even spilt his coffee.