Cordova Bay Women's Golf Exposition

To make a birthday celebration exceptional you need good people, good cake and good weather.  If you also include good shopping and good golf you know it's a day to remember.

Cordova Bay Golf Course
Bill Matick's Restaurant

On May 12th over 250 women helped us celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Cordova Bay Ladies' Club.  A day where Victoria showed its true spring colours saw laughter, joy and merrymaking of the highest order. 

Our local businesses set up wares designed to entice the lady golfer while also donating to a silent auction that helped raise almost $2000 for the United Way and the Citizens’ Counselling Centre.

Even Margaret Todd, local golfing legend for 70 years, was able to appear, giving us a true sense of the history of women's golf in Victoria, Canada and the world.

Thank you all for attending and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.