Cordova Bay is Changing

 Now, now, don’t worry; the golf course is the same it’s just our online image we’re updating.   With the advent of so many new ways to interact with our members and guests we felt we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  The geeks tell us it’s called an integrated social networking strategy.  We just call it cool - that sort of sixties kind of cool, like when Jim was a kid. 
For the last little while people have been able to follow the golf course on Twitter or visit our web page to find out about course conditions and other events that might affect play.  Now, we have a Facebook page where we can post pictures, videos and tell you what’s happening at CBGC.  Added to that is a weekly Video Blog on our website and on Youtube - a different topic each week. Our newsletter, containing more in-depth articles  will still come out monthly but now you can view it in it’s full glory right on our website. 
Even more exciting is that now we can actually give our staff a chance to take over the computer from time to time: Dean Piller can tell you why giving up a couple of days of golf is good when we’re aerating the greens or Cory Renfrew can tell you what it’s like to play in the US Amateur Championship. 
And you’ll be able to talk to us.  You can post on Facebook and tell us what we’re doing right, what we’re doing awesome and what you’d like to see changed.  There is a comments feature for our blogs and of course we’ll still take your emails! The opportunity to have in depth and virtually instantaneous feedback is enormously important to us in our quest to be the most inviting golf course in the world. 
Check us out: