Birds of the Bay

As the first Audubon Certified golf course on Vancouver Island, Cordova Bay Golf Course has always been proud of its feathered friends.  It's great to know that some of our members take this pride to a whole new level.  Alastair, long time birder and member, takes us on a trip through the course from a birds-eye view.  To download your own copy of the "Birdies of the Bay"  poster click here.

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Birding Tour

Thanks, Alastair and Stephen, for the great tour. I'm looking forward to seeing soon the cedar waxwings that come to the trees near the 18th tee once in a while. Also hoping the alien invasive American bullfrogs are gone for good so the ducklings will be safe. Roman in the gloamin was a nice finale, along the lines of that other famous mis-hearing, "Gladly the cross-eyed bear".
David Greer

Birds of the Bay

What an outstanding overview of the "Birds that like Golf" and what a beautiful way to introduce the Cordova Bay Course as something far more than a golf course. Congratulations to all of you. Both heartwarming and entertaining. Well done !

Cordova Bay. A happy place

Cordova Bay. A happy place for birds and golfers.

Alastair, it is class acts

Alastair, it is class acts like you that make Cordova Bay such a pleasure.