Bill Matticks Restaurant - What Local Tastes Like

  It’s Spring!  The daffodils are blooming, the cherry trees are heavy with flowers and the bees are buzzing. After a sleepy winter, Bill Mattick’s Restaurant is kicking back into high gear. It’s a new season with some new faces and some new ideas all piled onto the local, always fresh, always delicious meals.

Bill’s is going Online

One of the most successful new ideas of the last year here at Cordova Bay has been the expansion of our little community in the online world.  The blogs and newsletters, Facebook and Twitter have all played their part in being able to communicate with our guests in a previously unheard of fashion. 
Bill Mattick’s, too, is getting in on the act.  We’ve a brand new Facebook page (stop by here and give us a like) where we can offer up our daily features, 9 and Dine offerings and timely news. 

We’re also putting out a bi-monthly e-bulletin filled with recipes, special offerings, announcements and unique local food news.  Want to find out what’s in that special Mexican dish from Gustavo? Need a wine pairing for your dinner party? What’s coming up in the garden?  How do you grow your veggies big and strong – it’s in the next issue of Bill’s Bulletin. Sign up right here.

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Did You Know...
That Bill Mattick’s Restaurant is open to everyone.  Many people assume that because we’re attached to a golf course, only members or golfers can eat here.  Absolutely not!  Bill’s offers a casual fine-dining experience for everyone who likes good food.

What Local Tastes Like

Here at Bill Mattick’s we’ve long been a proponent of the 100 mile diet.  In fact, the joke around here is that we’re into the 100 yard diet.  The vegetable garden between the 10th and 15th hole is not only beautiful it’s full of goodies that find their way into much of the food prepared in the kitchen.  The simple truth is that wherever possible Walter buys local because local just tastes better.
So does fresh.  Every meal served from the kitchen at Bill’s is made fresh.  We make our own hamburgers, we cut our own steaks, we make our own soups, we even bake much of our own bread (there are some fine local bakeries that help us out).  If there’s one thing in life (or at least in the kitchen) that Walter hates, it’s the freezer.
When you put together local and fresh you get fantastic meals.  Add in our own local brand of spectacular service and your casual fine-dining experience is complete.

New Menus for Spring
In keeping with a spring renewal, Bill Mattick’s new menus are here.  We’ve updated the menus for the kiosk, breakfast, lunch and dinner – pretty much everything.  Our emphasis (as always) will be on local flavours and meals that aren’t necessarily easy to prepare in a home kitchen.
Each menu will also have features designed for special diets. Those looking for vegetarian and celiac options will find plenty to choose from.  In fact, most of our dishes can be adapted on request to suit just about any need. 
Click on the menu images to see the full menus.

Breakfast Lunch  Dinner Kiosk

Breakfast is served daily from 9-11am Mon-Sat and 9-10am on Sunday

Lunch is served 11am to 4pm Mon - Sat  Dinner is served daily from 5pm The kiosk is open daily during golf operations