20 000 is a Big Number - Thank You

Cordova Bay Golf Course
Bill Matick's Restaurant

Sometimes numbers stagger you. As I was perusing our video library on YouTube the number 20, 000 caught my attention.  Amazingly, to me at least, our videos have had a combined viewership of over 20 thousand!
Thank you all so much.  This ‘little’ internet community project of ours has truly taken off.  It’s incredibly gratifying to know that so many people care.  One of the best things that can happen in my day is one of our guests going out of their way to stop by and say how much they appreciated the last video.  It always warms my heart at the personal pride our members and guests take in Cordova Bay Golf Course: our successes are their successes.  
Over the last year or so there’s been a few of our videos that, for one reason or another, didn’t get the kind of play I thought they deserved.  So this week I thought I’d put them out there again and see what the reaction is.
Without further ado…
Steve’s Top 3 Hidden Gems

Every golfer of a certain age who grew up in Victoria has a story about Doug or Laurie. The two of them have been here  for as long as a golf balls have been struck in anger. As Doug likes to say, "Laurie and I came with the property."

I think maybe the word 'environmentalism' turned people off of this video.  Personally, I think it's neat to watch Dean show the passion he has for his profession, the environment and the practices he puts in place to to bring them together.

Almost more than any other, I think this video gets to the heart of why Cordova Bay Golf Course has been successful for more than twenty years.  The video first aired (so to speak) in our 20th Anniversary newsletter, but being down the page  it got a little overlooked.

And here's a few links to some perennial favourites:

Interview with Mohan Jawl

The 2011 Club Championship


Rapid Man

Thank you again, everyone! We've enjoyed making these little movies and there are plenty more to come.


A Diamond in the Ruff

Beautiful course, wonderful staff. Providing these vignettes is yet another way CBGC proves to be a World Class Golf Club yet dedicated to it's own community. Thank you.

Weekly Blogs

My son sends them on to me, as he lives in Victoria and we play there every time I get out to visit from Ontario. You have one of the nicest courses that i've ever played. Just a wonderful setting, great staff and great golf. thanks and hope to see you soon. Sid