Bill Mattick’s Restaurant at Cordova Bay Golf Course

Like Food?

Then Bill Mattick's Restaurant is for you. The public is always welcome, the views are outstanding and the food is spectacular (having an award winning greens crew tend to your herb and vegetable garden sure helps!). Come relax in our restaurant, lounge or one of two outstanding patios (we think they are the best in Victoria, but we may be biased).

For information or reservations call 250.658.4271. You can also email Bill Mattick's Restaurant & Lounge.


Hours of Operation beginning Monday, November 6th.  
Monday through Friday 9-11am: Continental Breakfast only
Monday through Saturday 11am-5pm: Lunch
Saturday and Sunday full kitchen opens at 9am
Sunday Brunch 10am-2pm
Closing Sunday-Thursday 6:30pm
Closing Friday-Saturday 7:30pm


9 & Dine

After a long day at the office you have a tough choice. Golf or dinner? Life is full of compromises, but we don't like 'em, so we have 9 & Dine available seven days a week, with the exception of event closures. Even if your game isn't spectacular, dinner will be. Call the Pro Shop at 250.658.4444 to book a time.

Events at Bill Mattick's

Events, functions and groups are welcome at Bill Mattick's and can be held in the dining room, lounge or outside on one of our spacious patios. Click here to view the Bill Mattick's Banquet Package.

Bill Mattick - The Man, The Myth, The Legend

If you have been to Bill Mattick's you have undoubtedly done a double take at the old man sitting up on the ledge (don't worry you aren't the only one who thought he might be real, just ask Jim Goddard in the pro shop about the time the police thought he was a burglar and had drawn their guns on him). Good Ol' Bill has a special place in our hearts and his story is below.

By trade, Bill was a one-handed farmer, but the tales of his life are far more exciting than that title implies. He started off in the 1940's growing vegetables and flowers on the property where the golf course now sits. His business grew to the point where he was exporting tulips and daffodils by chartered jet to the east coast. In the 50's he added on the market, tea garden and a par 3 golf course and driving range (that's right, it was old Bill who knew this land was destined for golf greatness). His days started promptly at 9am. First up? A Black Russian and a freshly rolled cigarette.

Were he alive today, Bill would probably not feel quite right in the restaurant that bears his name: too fancy, too big, no horse skins, but we do our best to make him feel comfortable.